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Thank you Mrs. Hash for all of the guidance and support that you have offered to our family. We sincerely appreciate you for advocating for our son and for coaching us on how to work with the school teachers, administration and support staff to develop strategies that promote a positive learning environment for him. Thank you for your diligence, patience and commitment. You provide a tremendous service to parents who just want the best for our children and who need help learning how to navigate the educational system. Thank you! You are truly a blessing!
Shauna Graves

Reality Broker/Owner/Parent

Working with Master Touch Educational Consulting has been a valuable investment in my daughter’s future. M.A.S.T.E.R. Mentor, Constance is knowledgeable, skillful, and engaging in her interaction with students. Working with M.A.S.T.E.R. Mentor, Constance in her EOG prep course reinforced my daughter’s knowledge and readiness, and gave her the confidence to do her best on her EOG exams. In addition to that, my daughter really enjoyed the coaching sessions and looked forward to each one!

Dwight Hash

IT Programmer/Parent

I LITERALLY almost shed tears of joy when this pioneer of the WSFCS school system walked in my job. My VERY FIRST principal, Mrs. Constance Ferguson Hash!  My mom LOOOOVED this woman. Growing up, children who lived in North Hills, “were not supposed to be” at top tier elementary schools like Speas Elementary. However, this queen showed us the value of an education while simultaneously maintaining our cultural and ancestral identity. It was so cool knowing that there was a person graced with the honor and responsibility of overseeing our great institution of learning and she looked just like me! Thank you Mrs. Hash, I’m forever indebted to you.

Cory McKann

Bank Customer Service/Former Student

Working with Mrs Hash was very fun. I had missed so much of
school and thought I wouldn’t catch up on everything I missed. I started doing work with Mrs Hash and I felt very confident. If you go in Mrs. Hash’s mentor class with other kids you can make friends. In reading we would get interesting stories and take turns reading and annotating paragraphs and then when she asked us questions we had to tell her what part of the story told us why our answer was right. We worked on math, and she will ask each of you what you need help on and then she will review and teach that. After helping you with that she will review everything so she could make sure that we understood everything. We got good scores on our test at school. Working with Mrs Hash helped me and I think it will help you.


Fourth Grader

I had the honor to work under principal Constance Hash’s tutelage during my PTLA principal internship. Her knowledge of school finance, strong leadership team design, community outreach, and ability to hire teachers with true growth mindset are skills I currently use to be successful as an administrator. The most valuable of all skills she mentored and modeled for me was on being a strong instructional leader. She carved out time daily to be in classrooms, co-teach, model, and coach staff on high yield instructional techniques which was the very thread needed to improve student performance. Constance Hash is a priceless coaching resource for any administrator with proven success in all levels of education.

Michelle Breen

Assistant Principal

I have known Mrs. Constance Hash for over twelve years. She is a phenomenal leader who always leads with integrity and high expectations resulting in increased growth and development. She has truly been an inspiration to me. Her zeal and passion to succeed is infectious and her commitment as an educator is contagious. She is a strong advocate for the success of others and leads by example. Her belief in my leadership abilities has led me to see my own leadership potential! She has a way of making you believe that all things are possible and can become your reality. A truly awesome mentor who has become a good friend!

Larnitha Hunter

Assistant Principal

Mrs.Hash is great at helping. She will also make your hardest subjects that are troubling for you a breeze. Working with Mrs.Hash is fun. After working with Mrs.Hash you will feel more confident in yourself.

Fifth Grader

Mrs. Constance Hash provided approximately 3 weeks EOG preparation for our son Kendell. Her background as a retired school administrator and teacher made her an excellent choice! Our son learned math strategies and how to answer reading passages. Her test taking tips and tricks have given our son the foundation to be successful in any testing environment. We really loved Mrs. Hash’s flexibility and accommodation to our schedule. The small group sessions were very interactive and also individualized as needed. Our family will be looking forward to working with Mrs. Hash again in the near future!
Ebony Parker

Counseling Administrative Assistant/Parent

I have known Mrs. Constance Hash for almost 20 years, and worked closely with her for
13 of those years as teacher, curriculum facilitator, and assistant principal. Her passion
for education has always been evident. As a principal she provided strong instructional
and visionary leadership that made a positive impact in students’ proficiency levels and
ultimately their future. The students were at the forefront of her decision-making, and
she readily invested time in the families of the school’s community. Her approach was
“hands-on”, as she was actively involved in most all aspects of the school. She was not
only invested in the growth of students but also the growth of the teachers, as well. She
made the individual growth of each teacher a priority through both formal and informal
mentoring, providing specific and helpful feedback, and making herself available, as
needed. Mrs. Hash was “before her time” in implementing many of the strategies we
see as effective in education today. Her forward-thinking and ability to understand all
aspects in a school created an ideal environment for positive change.
Jennifer Lynde

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs.Hash is an awesome leader, mentor and teacher. Under her leadership I watched a school go from low performing to exceeding growth. Ms. Hash took the time to really mentor and guide teachers through the process of rigorous instruction and intentional spiral/remediation/enrichment. She was also very adamant about modeling and incorporating test taking strategies. I learned so much from her.
Mrs. Syrita Robinson

Third Grade Teacher

I moved to North Carolina 10 years ago, full of apprehension not knowing what to expect from a new state and educational system. I was very fortunate to be hired by Constance Hash to teach fifth grade in her school. I did not know at the time I had been hired by a very gifted educator and leader who always brought out the best in all of her teachers. Having a deep understanding of students and teaching, she can professionally challenge a teacher to grow in her capacity and build her teaching abilities without creating conflict or tension. Mrs. Hash guided me to question many of my practices and to change and embrace new teaching methods to better grow my students.
Mrs. Hash exemplifies the best in education. She teaches by example, and holds herself up to the highest of standards. Her knowledge of educational methods is current, relevant, and life changing for all staff and students she is involved with. After three years of working and learning through her leadership, my student’s scores were the top in the school, and some of the top in the county.
I cannot say enough about how Mrs. Hash shaped my teaching. My students are still successful in all of their subjects thanks to my using the principles she taught me. I know in my heart I would never have reached the success in education I have if it were not for her constant pushing me to stretch and grow professionally, and by her gentle, but firm, guidance.
Rachel Bishop

5TH Grade Teacher

I am super grateful for Mrs. Constance Ferguson Hash’s mentorship and coaching as I prepared for my Elementary School Principal Interview process. During our sessions, Ms. Ferguson Hash coached in the areas of providing meaningful, yet succinct responses to questions regarding school improvement, curriculum and instruction. I nailed the interview process and am currently serving in the position of School Principal! I recommend the professional services of Ms. Constance Ferguson Hash for professionals aiming to level-up in their careers.
Darice Irby


Mrs. Hash is very smart and she can help you with anything. She will help you prepare for the EOG’s. She will give you helpful strategies to use for the tests.

You will be doing cool stuff which makes learning fun. I hope you learn and make new friends and I hope that you will get to know her.

Fourth Grader

I am a proud rising senior at Johnson C. Smith University, where I am attending on the James B. Duke Endowment Full Ride Scholarship. Not only do I excel in the classroom, but

I excel outside of the classroom. Since my time at Mineral Springs, I have held a multitude of leadership roles in various organizations (some of which are recognized nationally), done
numerous public oratorical presentations/appearances, and have received numerous honors and awards. I attribute a great bit of this success to Mrs. Hash, who truly worked with me, was
patient with me, got me out of my quiet shell, pushed me to achieve more than I thought was possible, and continues to support and push me to this very day to achieve even more!!!

Brittany Patrick

Former Student

I have been a classroom teacher for 27 years in 6 different elementary schools. During that time I have worked for some of the best administrators in our district. However, Constance Hash stands out as one with a special gift. She can walk into a classroom with a challenging dynamic and quickly assess the situation to identify strategic interventions that the teacher can implement to maximize learning, while minimizing disruption. I experienced this first hand, a year and a half ago, and I was deeply grateful for Mrs. Hash’s wisdom and expertise. What a gift she has!

Nancy Brooks Smoot

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Hash was very kind when working with her, and the things she used were easy to use. She taught us new things that they didn’t teach us in school. She taught us to focus on things to understand our reading that you might not think is important to the text.

Fourth Grader

As a fellow educator I was honored to have served on the staff at both my schools with Mrs. Hash. The passion she has is always infectious. This enthusiasm has helped, aided and assisted many people who were engaged in the learning of all children.

Broderick Pender

Instructional Assistant