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Confidence In One Self Leads To True Success

The greatest way a person can reach success is through self – esteem. Self – esteem is simply a combination of three concepts:

  1. Loving and believing in yourself, all of your abilities, dreams, and goals.                                                                                                               How can one expect others to believe in  or love them, if they can’t even believe in or love themselves? From an early age, youth must be taught to be proud of and love who they are, to own their various talents, and to never let anyone discredit their crafts. Often, it is not enough to only believe in each of your dreams and goals; Youth must be taught that along with their confidence in their own dreams, they must also put forth the effort and take the necessary steps to ensure that they can accomplish them in a reasonable amount of time that works for them at their own pace.                                                  
  2. Believing that you deserve greater, good fortune, and/or success.        If youth don’t believe or even think that they deserve greater things and success in their lives, they will never take the time to work towards achieving it. Unfortunately at times youth are forced to live through true horror stories such as abandonment, neglect, abuse, homelessness, and various other traumatic events that tend to put a damper on how they view other people, society, and life as a whole. Due to various circumstances that have occurred to them, some youth’s perspectives are blurred, which leads to them thinking that they are unworthy of receiving a better life or achieving great successes because either others from similar environments didn’t achieve or someone was mean enough to tell them repeatedly that they couldn’t because of what they had been through.
  3. Seeing each dream or goal that you have as being highly attainable.    It is one thing to believe in your dreams and it is another to actually see that dream as something you have the ability to achieve.