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 Reading is Essential for Student Success and Development

Children hearing language and literature at infancy – simply hearing their parents read to them has a huge impact on their being able to read and comprehend at an early age. Early gains positively affects children’s long-term academic success. The ability to read is a basic, yet significant skill needed in order for students to progress through school. For example, reading fluency and comprehension are prerequisites for students to perform well,  to follow instructions on tests, and demonstrate overall ability to learn and demonstrate that learning.

Although most are aware of the importance of students being able to read and comprehend, studies still show that a notable number of children are entering kindergarten non-proficient in their abilities to read and comprehend. This supports the concept that “It begins at home.” We know that the development of reading and comprehension skills of young learners cannot be solely left up to school educators: It is crucial that young students begin to develop these skills  at home so that educators may focus on building strength and bridging  skill gaps. Ultimately, active involvement of parents, guardians, and/or other relatives is key to the success of young learners.

Young children possessing reading and comprehension skills positively impacts them in the following nine ways:

  • Expands their vocabulary.
  • Improves their grammatical skills.
  • Improves their writing skills.
  • Boosts their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Helps them gain a sense of awareness as it relates to the world around them.
  • Develops their critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • Improves their ability to concentrate.
  • Enhances their imagination.
  • Leads to their academic success and development in the future.